Remarketing – Converting More Visitors

remarketing2In the world of online business, it can be frustrating that you often only get one chance to ‘sell’ to the visitors to your site. You put a whole load of effort into your SEO and your marketing in order to attract these visitors, and when they finally show up you might just have the one chance to convert them into customers before they are lost for ever.

Well, hopefully that’s not the case. In a perfect world your website contains the kind of information that makes visitors want to stick around, or at least come back when they are ready to ‘buy’. But even if you have a site that does provide all the necessary information and inducements to convert your visitors, there will always be those who visit, and then simple leave. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue to market your products and services to them, even after they had left your site? Well, thanks to the Google Remarketing, you can do just that.

If you’re looking to get more form the visitors you attract to your site, and which business isn’t, then you should be looking at how Remarketing could help. You can follow this link to get some useful information on how remarketing works, but in essence it’s fairly simple, and very clever.

You make sure your site is set up to tag your visitors accordingly, depending on what pages, product and services they’re viewing. Then, once thy have left your site, if they access other websites in the Google advertising network, or even search for related products in Google itself, marketing for your products and services can be shown to them.

With some studies indicating that it can take a number of ‘interactions’ with a customer before they complete the buying process, you should be looking at every opportunity to make sure you keep interacting with the visitors to your site, even after they have left, and Remarketing is a great way to do this.