Mobile Friendly Update – An Opportunity?

google-update-now-whatWhen businesses hear that Google are releasing a new update to yet again change how websites are rated in their important search engine rankings, a sinking feeling sets in. Everyone starts to worry that suddenly customer aren’t going to find the business and that it will cost a fortune to revamp the company’s website to keep it current. But the latest change to the mobile-friendly ranking of a website could actually be an opportunity to assess your online presence and make changes before your competitors. We spoke to to find out more, how this could be viewed as an opportunity, and what it means for their SEO services (

What is the update?

In 2013, Google launched an algorithm that changed how sites were ranked based on their appearance when accessed through a mobile but the new update due to launch this month’s goes much further. The new update will label a site ‘mobile friendly’ and when someone searches from a mobile, these mobile friendly sites will appear at the top of the listing. This means that mobile users will be given results that are best suited to the means they are using to access the internet, rather than the traditional ranking methods.

Rethinking the strategy

For many businesses, adopting the idea behind the Content is King saying is the way forward for their online presence. While the saying itself is a bit tired, the underlying principles of it are solid – no longer are websites just about selling an item or a service but about engaging customers and increasing traffic. The main way this is done is by using great quality content alongside information about the business and one of the top platforms for doing this remains WordPress.

WordPress have been around since 2003 and were originally a blogging platform but are used by over 25% of the top 10 million websites in the world including major names such as Mashable and TIME. Nor is WordPress just about blogging any more, it now seamlessly integrates e-commerce and full websites into one place.

Advantages of WordPress

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is how customisable it is – whatever your business is there is a theme to tie in with it. It is also to set up a basic website yourself, though many businesses still favour using a website designer to get a full, finished product. In addition, WordPress websites are automatically optimised for mobile so when Google’s new algorithm changes the search engine world again, WordPress sites are going to be right up there at the top of the list.

WordPress is also Open Source, which means that in its most basic form, it doesn’t cost a penny. Of course, for a more sophisticated and multi-faceted website then there will be costs involved but even these remain competitive. WordPress also has thousands of Plug-ins that work to help your website including the ever-popular SEO Yoast that shows if your website is hitting all of its SEO targets such as tags and descriptions, all vital to coming up top in those search engine rankings.

So why not view the new mobile friendly changes as a chance to alter your online presence and make sure that when your customers search for your type of business, you will be top of that list?