Choosing an IT Support Company

it-support-companyWith the increasing dependency most business have on their IT systems, having an IT support company is no longer a luxury but a necessity. There are plenty to choose from so how do you find out which one is the right fit for your business’s needs?

Making An Assessment

The first step to picking a business is to look at your own business and what you will need from them. the bigger the business, the more solutions and products that it will need but also the bigger the use of IT systems in day to day operations, then the more complex the support required will be. So by looking at what you do this will help you assess what you need.

Look at where you work, for starters. Do you operate in a single geographical area or are you countrywide? If local, then choosing a local company is logical but if your business is countrywide, then a matching service is needed.

Asking Questions

There are concerns regarding the service and support given and other concerns that will come into play when making your choice. For example, if your business requires an enhanced level of security for whatever reason, and there will be a need for your IT support company to visit your premises, do the employees go through a CRB check online, (also know as a DBS check)? What other checks do they carry out tro make sure your information will be secure?

When it comes to the package offers, look at companies that offer a range of different services and allow you to build your own package. There’s no point in paying money for services you will never need because you don’t use that type of system. You want to pay for what you need only.

Talk about guaranteed response times and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These are crucial for you to know when a company will respond to a call about a problem and how quickly they will be with you when you make the call. Check what happens if they don’t, such as a refund of charges or similar compensation. Also, check to see if they outsource any elements of the business and how this can affect service levels and the people you will be dealing with.

For bigger companies, a dedicated account manager service is useful so you don’t have to go through all the details of past problems each time. There is also the dedicate engineer options offered by some providers for a similar reason. In addition, some support companies also provide services such as cloud solutions, telephony and connectivity projects. This saves dealing with various companies if something serious happens on the premises and saves time and money.

Once you have all the answers to the many questions about the service provided, it never hurts to do a little background checking into the company. Look at customer testimonials and ask for customer references to get a real person’s opinion on the services. Check out their accreditation for services offered and also that they have the relevant insurance and other protection in place. Once you have all the information at your fingertips, you will make a choice and feel confident with the selection you make.